Massapequa "Indians" at Hicksville
Late 50's or early 60's

Additional details provided by our staff historian:
"The large white building in the background is the old GERTZ dept. store.
This is when they ran the drill in the Southwest corner of the parking lot.
            I cannot exactly pinpoint the year. What I can tell you is that the last season this run could have taken place was 1962.
After that season, the rule that does not allow the sight of any moving engine parts, was put into effect.
In this photo, we can see that the sides of the hood, on the Indians 32' Ford are taken off,
displaying the Cadillac engine (3 exhaust ports per side) for everyone to see.
The driver, who has most recently passed away, Willy Bryson, built this rig about 53' and it became the standard for it's day.
Another detail in this photo is the Plumb Line. This line was added in the
late 50's to prevent teams from attempting to complete a ladder run with a
ladder that was under the arch (!) Based on these details in the photo, 59' to 62' is dead-on."

Special Thanks to:
Ed Bassett Jr.

for donating this photograph.