Roslyn Highlanders 1957

The Story Behind The Photograph

"This picture was taken in 1957 of the Drill Team of
ROSLYN HIGHLANDS. The department always had a
"B" rig but never a "C" rig as no one wanted to get off
one, nor did the company want to buy one. Therefore
we got permission from the Company to let us build one
ourselves. This they gave us approval for that but no
money so we set out doing it with scraps of metal
picked up here of there.

We found a young fellow with a street rod at that time,
it was a 5 window 38 Ford Coupe with six carbs, and all
fully blower adapted and some hot stuff inside the
engine nothing as like they have today. But we did have
one of the hottest "C" rigs on the course at that time.
The only thing lacking was a good qualifying team, oh
we tried hard but it just never got there. There are only
four of us still alive but scattered all over the map,

With the help of the (top row) middle man, and the man
on his left, along with myself (bottom row) all the way
on the right, we took the body off the chassis and built a
crude looking machine that could fly in three nights for
the last race that year in Hicksville's Labor Day
tournament. We were slapping red paint on it as we
rolled it up on the line and someone scribbled the
"Flea" on the cowl. As we went down in (C) ladder we
had red paint splashed all over us, as it hadn't dried
and we took a fifth place trophy. Boy talk about being 

I dedicate this picture in memory of all my old teammates who
are no longer with us, but I'm sure they are racing up in
the heavens. Because that's not always thunder we hear."

Submitted by Ex-Chief George T. Richmond from
Roslyn Highlands Fire Company now living in

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